How does it work

The Konflinx team consists of conference experts who have the tools and knowledge to simplify the way you organize your conference. As an independent service provider, we make it possible to discover, compare and book Denmark's most popular event spaces - all online with just a few clicks.

Saves time, money and nerves

Sending inquiries to countless event venues, conference centers, hotels and many other suppliers and then creating an overview including a price comparison means a lot of administrative work for event organizers, costing them valuable time and money. Konflinx will take this workload off your hands - completely free of charge.

One-stop service

Konflinx gives you access to the vast majority of reputable event venues in Denmark, all while you only have to deal with one contact person. From the selection process to price comparison to booking your ideal venue - our team supports you throughout the process. After your successful booking, you will be in contact with the contact person at your chosen conference facility.

No hidden agenda

Konflinx is financially independent, not affiliated with any chains or associations and has no obligations towards any suppliers. This allows us to fully concentrate on our customers and their needs. All our services, consultations and offers are completely independent and impartial.

Our flow - the Konflinx way

Look around!

Welcome on Konflinx. Look around in our venue catalogue and search for interesting places.

Create an inquiry

Fill inquiry form with your requirements, if you have not found any specific venues, don't worry - fill in the form with desired geographical or let us help you find the best location for you - all free of charge!

Processing of your request

We process your inquiry and send out the first inquiries immediately and ask for prices and your desired capacity in the premises, etc. The conference set-up can of course be changed during the project and we manage this in close cooperation with both facilities and you.


Our presentations are simple, accessible and contain all necessary information, including detailed pricing. If you will not be satisfied with our propsal then we will help you to fully satisfy your needs.

Select the preferabled conference venue

With our presentations in hand communicating options to decision makers is easy. Once you make the choice we'll assist you with formalities.

Enjoy your event!

You can enjoy your event! With Konflinx it was faster and easier than before and completely free! If you need additional help with your conference project, let us know and we can help.


Please give us your feedback so we can improve our services for the future and as well help you with your next conference project