Købmagergade 52A, København

About venue

The Round Tower is an historic site. Since the tower was finished in 1642, treasures have been unearthed here, important historical figures have visited and people of all walks have passed each other on the spiral ramp in search of the most charming view from 34.8 meters above the street of Købmagergade.


When you hold your meeting in the Round Tower, you're in the middle of the narrative at the top of Copenhagen. Allow your thoughts to wander and be inspired by the unique setting that exudes centuries of history.


You can hold your meeting in either of Round Tower's two distinctive meeting rooms, each of which has its own unique attributes. In the middle of the tower, directly adjacent to the Library Room, you will find the largest room, the Reading Room. To access this room, you must travel several rounds up the Spiral Staircase to reach our smaller meeting space, the Tower Room.


The Round Tower's largest meeting space is adjacent to the Library Hall, which previously housed the University of Copenhagen's book collection. The books were for library use only, so in 1777, two rooms at the entrance were created: one for the librarian and one for the users to read in.

The Reading Room is adorned with paintings and effects from the Round Tower's astronomical-historical collection, which was originally located in the room.


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