About Konflinx

Konflinx is your total supplier for conferences and events in Denmark. Based on the purpose and goals of the conference, we build creative quality solutions that make your investment profitable. With unwavering commitment, we find the right environment at the best price and can accompany you from idea to implementation.

We respond to your needs, and through our knowledge and personalization we create an experience that matches your message.

Advice, inspiration and booking in one and the same place

Konflinx helps our customers right from the idea stage - by formulating the need for a meeting in a strong theme - a message and a purpose that will be understandable and exciting for everyone who wants to participate. In short: describe your needs and your objectives - together we create a conference invitation and a conference program that makes everyone well prepared and motivated for the meeting. We help you design the program in the conference – for example program ideas, meeting format, balance between work shifts, social elements, activities and entertainment as well as transport logistics.

Facility presentation

We make a clear compilation of the conference facilities that match your requirements, wishes and that have the capacity to receive you by making detailed inquiries to facilities located in the relevant geographical area.

You get all the information in a neat presentation that can be distributed to colleagues and other participants!

The collection contains all information about prices, geographical location and other details important for your conference. You can easily compare the total costs in a clear overview of the total per facility as well as a detailed cost specification for each option.

Trends and meeting culture

Hybrid conferences are in a strong development phase, and Konflinx believes that all forms of hybrid conferences will develop.

They require more planning and logistical sensitivity, and it is a challenge for meeting facilitators to treat all participants equally. Outdoor conference rooms are the next trend right now. Office spaces are shrinking, but the need to collect remains. This has led to increased demand for ultra-flexible meeting rooms, and companies will start ordering purpose-built outdoor spaces.

- Conference bookings have increased since the health authorities gave the green light to resume work. Not only does involuntary isolation create needs that are met, but it means we have time to reflect and learn new ways of behaving. When it comes to conferences ahead, three strong trends can be identified:

1. Regeneration session. In a regenerative society of the future, where everything is part of an eternal and sustainable cycle, "regeneration", i.e. creating new, will become a central concept. Meeting planners and venues must also consider how a meeting can be part of the cycle – how it can give back and make a positive impression.

2. Related meetings. Future meetings will engage all of our senses to enhance experiences and deepen connections within teams. Experiences that engage all the senses strengthen relationships and are a natural next step in building a culture and a strong team.

3. Purpose-based meetings. We have long discussed the importance of having a clear purpose for each meeting. But now the bar has been raised. How can we be part of this gathering and how should we contribute? It is a question that personal meeting participants will ask themselves in the future, which places higher demands on the company's meeting system and culture as well as the personal meeting coordinator.