Hybrid meeting at Scandic

What is a hybrid meeting?
A hybrid meeting is a combination of a physical and virtual meeting, where some of the participants are gathered physically in the meeting room, while others participate online through e.g. Teams or Zoom. In the meeting room, we set up the necessary video and audio equipment and make sure it all works, so you can focus on the most important thing – your meeting.

Is a hybrid meeting relevant to me?
Whatever the purpose, hybrid meetings are a good solution. Scandic have experience in holding everything from small meetings and training of employees to larger seminars, lectures, workshops, kickoffs and conferences.

Participant guarantee
The hybrid meeting's greatest strength is flexibility - with a hybrid meeting you can guarantee participation. Regardless of whether there is a traffic jam on the motorway, an ash cloud in Iceland or a global pandemic, your participants can be involved. The camera also allows you to record the meeting for later use, so that no knowledge or inspiration is lost.