Konference Skåne

Conference Scania

Skåne is a fantastic place to create conferences and meetings. With its beautiful nature, rich history and modern cities, Sweden's southernmost landscape is an ideal place for Danish companies, organizations and private events to meet, discuss and plan.

There are many good places to hold a conference in Scania, from modern conference centers to charming hotels and manor houses. Many of these locations also offer accommodation for participants, making it easy to organize a multi-day conference.

Let us at Konflinx help you get one free, detailed presentation of conference facilities that suit your needs and criteria. We can also help you arrange transport, activities and events.

Prästavägen 12, Lund
Råbylunds Gård presents a comprehensive array of services for your conference and meeting needs, including delightful luncheons, social gatherings, dinners, and an exciting selection of activities. All set within a picturesque, tranquil, and inviting ambiance that fosters creativity, analysis, contemplation, and decision-making.
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Complimentary Parking
Kitchen Onsite
Bosjökloster 111, Höör
For nine centuries, Bosjökloster has been a gathering place for people. Today, they attract to both small and large groups amidst the historic and picturesque setting of the castle. Their newly refurbished conference hall can accommodate up to 150 participants, while the largest room can host as many as 400 guests. With competitive pricing, they are committed to providing cost-effective meeting solutions for businesses, associations, and government agencies, all within a tranquil and rejuvenating atmosphere. Situated at the heart of Skåne, Bosjökloster's location is ideal for easy access from various directions. It's a mere 25-minute drive from Lund, and just 45 minutes from Kristianstad or the Öresund Bridge. Let Konflinx help you to arrange your meeting at Bosjökloster
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Stortorget 20, Helsingborg
Step into The Vault, an enchanting hotel steeped in heritage and time-honoured customs. Our hotel meeting room is an extraordinary escape from the mundane and exudes a captivating, almost mystical atmosphere. The entire Vault Hotel is a unique experience, rich in history and adorned with captivating and whimsical decor.
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Stengatan 32, Kivik
Kivik's beach hotel, restaurant and conference has a unique location that provides easy access to the fantastic natural surroundings and all the attractions that Österlen has to offer. Located along the Skåneleden trail between Haväng and Stenshuvud National Park, it is a paradise for nature enthusiasts. Kivikstrand offers the perfect setting for meetings in an inspiring environment with a lovely meeting room with a breathtaking view. Choose from a variety of activities to enhance your meeting experience and create lasting memories.
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Utsiktsvägen 10, Malmø
Luftkastellet offers a wide range of options for events and celebrations, from intimate gatherings to large all-day conferences, from weddings to corporate parties and even full trade fairs and exhibitions. The possibilities here are truly limitless! With a unique location with a breathtaking view of the Øresund and the bridge, Luftkastellet seamlessly combines the harsh beauty of nature with a futuristic architectural flair. This creative and picturesque environment, combined with impeccable service, provides the perfect backdrop for meaningful gatherings - plus, let's not forget the delicious cuisine.
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Hold your next conference in Scania

Skåne offers modern conference facilities and infrastructure. You can find a variety of conference venues, hotels and restaurants to meet your needs.

Hosting a conference in Scania can provide a cross-cultural experience. Danish and Swedish culture have many similarities, but also unique aspects. This can create a more dynamic and engaging conference environment.

Conferences often provide opportunities for networking and building business relationships. Holding a conference in Scania can attract participants from both Denmark and Sweden, potentially expanding your network.

Scania is a thriving region with a strong economy. It can be an excellent place to explore potential business opportunities, collaborations or partnerships.

The area is known for its excellence in various industries, including technology, life sciences and sustainable development. Hosting a conference that can give you the opportunity to tap into the local knowledge base and expertise.

Scania offers unique and picturesque conference venues, including historic castles, modern waterfront locations and natural surroundings that can make your event memorable.

Holding a conference in Scania can also increase your company's brand visibility. It shows that you are willing to expand your reach beyond Denmark and engage with a wider audience.

When considering hosting a conference in Scania as a Danish company, it is important to do thorough research and plan carefully to ensure that the location matches your conference goals and the needs of your attendees. Additionally, you may want to consider potential challenges, such as language differences, and plan accordingly to ensure smooth communication and logistics during the event.