Bymose Hegn Hotel & Kursuscenter

Bymosegårdsvej 11, Gribskov, Helsinge

About venue

Hotel Bymose Hegn guarantees the success of any course or conference event hosted within its premises.

The hotel boasts a variety of rooms, each tailored to different group sizes. From spacious conference halls accommodating larger groups to smaller, more intimate spaces suitable for small teams or group discussions, there is a room to fit every need.
Every room is designed with windows, and the larger ones feature doors leading to the outdoors, ensuring a constant flow of fresh air when desired. This peaceful setting allows guests to maintain their focus without distractions.

Hotel Bymose Hegn takes immense pride in its culinary offerings for course and conference attendees. They serve delicious, self-prepared meals made from seasonal ingredients and, whenever possible, source locally-produced goods.

As a prominent meeting and conference center, the hotel provides an extensive range of activities to inspire and stimulate fresh ideas among employees, course participants, and business partners.

For those seeking a change of pace during their stay, a variety of activities are available, encompassing physical and mental challenges. These activities not only induce smiles and laughter but also cultivate a positive atmosphere. Furthermore, they present opportunities to witness individuals in unfamiliar situations, fostering creativity when confronted with novel problems and tasks.


Onsite Restaurant


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