Harridslevgaard Slot

Assensvej 3, Bogense

About venue

Harridslevgaard Castle, with its rich history dating back to the Renaissance era, stands as a testament to the passage of time. The castle, adorned with a meticulously restored original red brick monk, showcases a captivating journey through the ages. Preserving its historical integrity, Harridslevgaard Castle remains untouched, akin to a living relic.

Offering an array of spaces and banquet halls, Harridslevgaard Castle provides a distinctive venue for various events such as dinners, corporate activities, customer service events, product demonstrations, employee development programs, conferences, and more. The castle's historic ambiance adds a unique charm to any occasion, creating an unforgettable experience for guests.

For those seeking a more interactive and engaging experience, Harridslevgaard Castle offers guided tours through its many beautiful spaces and halls. In the summer, the castle extends its offerings to include game packages featuring activities like Hammer, Petanque, and Royal Games. These packages provide an excellent opportunity for small companies or individuals looking to host entertaining and engaging events in a picturesque and historic setting.


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