Hotel Røde-Kro

Vestergade 2, Rødekro

About venue

In 1649, the county governor of Aabenraa named von Winterfeldt granted his gunner Nis permission to build a new inn building beside the bridge over Rde and lent him money for it. Aabenraa is a town not far from Rdekro.

It was only reasonable to construct an inn near the bridge, Rdebro, as it likely had some strategic value along Haervejen.

As luck would have it, the unmarried kitchen girl of the county man was waiting for a happy occasion. This generated problems for the parish priest because the girl would not reveal the identity of the father. Everything turned out okay because Nis got married to the girl.

Naturally, the inn was given the name Rde-Kro.

A professional foundation for you and your business.
Planning is frequently necessary for meetings, and there are numerous factors to consider.

No of the size of the gathering—whether it involves 10 or 100 people—Hotel Rde-Kro will make every effort to make sure everything goes as planned. No matter the time of day—morning, noon, or night—or how many days it lasts.

The needs of the guests can always be catered to in an event.


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