Kogtvedvænget 3, Svendborg

About venue

Stella Maris offers an unmatched experience characterized by a warm and inviting ambiance, refined surroundings, and a truly unique location.

Nestled at the end of a tree-lined avenue along the southern coast of Fyn, this beachfront gem stands out as one of Denmark's finest beach hotels. Stella Maris is dedicated to providing guests with life-enriching experiences, whether their visit is centered around dining, relaxation, celebration, business endeavors, or a delightful combination of all.

No matter the purpose of the visit, Stella Maris welcomes guests on their own terms, free from any pretentiousness. They extend the same unwavering commitment and care to serving a dish of freshly peeled shrimp paired with locally brewed beer on the terrace as they do to crafting a sumptuous 7-course menu featuring caviar and Armand de Brignac, all within the enchanting wine cellar.

The ultimate goal is to establish "the best place in the world": a haven where individuals can be themselves and come together, all within a setting that is genuinely unique, exquisite, and wholehearted.

Stella Maris excels in uniting people. Their relaxed atmosphere, authenticity, and attentiveness set the stage for successful meetings, whether it's an intimate gathering of a few colleagues or a sizable departmental assembly. This holds true for casual get-togethers or professional sessions, with or without a restaurant visit.

They are deeply invested in the success of your event. Their comprehensive meeting packages are designed to cater to every aspect of your day, be it business meetings, training sessions, strategy meetings, or full-fledged conference days. Additionally, they are always eager to offer creative ideas for team-building activities, special events, and other inspiring experiences.