VM Madhus

Harald Jensens Vej 9, Aalborg

About venue

WC Conference at Portland Park in Aalborg offers a distinctive experience for guests seeking a unique venue. Whether it's for a meeting, party, or gathering, the lounges at WC Conference provide an unparalleled setting, regardless of one's affinity for football. With a total of 3 lounges, each offering distinct features in terms of size and decor, along with 6 smaller rooms accommodating up to 24 people, WC Conference caters to diverse preferences. All rooms boast large panoramic windows, providing a captivating view of Denmark's most beautiful football stadium.

The venue's team is dedicated to providing expert advice and guidance, customizing events to align with the specific wishes and needs of guests, and assisting in selecting the most suitable venue. With a multitude of rooms available, it's possible to book multiple spaces for groups, and the day can conclude with a relaxing time at the AaB bar in the evening. In collaboration with FunCenter, WC Conference offers exciting team-building and breakout events. FunCenter specializes in escape room games and has developed various mobile room escape games, enhancing the offerings at the World Cup conference venue at Portland Park in Aalborg.


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Scan Global Executive Lounge

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Room layout cinema

AUDI Business Lounge

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